What You Need To Know About Natural Sleeping Aids

When it comes to getting good sleep the natural way, it is important that you understand there is no single quick fix. Training your body to get to sleep easily and sleep well and naturally is a process. This process actually starts during the day.

natural sleeping aidsIf you want to get good sleep at night, you need to attend to your health during the day. You should eat well, avoid junk food and choose to drink water rather than beverages containing sugar, caffeine and/or chemicals.

When you are faced with choices during the day, always make the more active choice. For example, if you have the choice walking or cycling to work instead of driving, walk or cycle. If you must drive, choose to park farther away from the door so that you can get a little walk. If you have the choice of elevator or stairs, choose stairs. If you have the choice of sitting or walking at break time, choose to walk.

Avoid eating too close to bedtime. It’s a good idea to give your stomach a couple of hours to digest your food before you go to sleep. It is also smart to eat a light meal in the evening. Avoid eating excessively large meals at any time of the day. Instead, eat half a dozen small meals throughout the day. In this way, your digestive system will not be stressed and you will not be bothered by indigestion when you are trying to sleep.

In the evening, follow quiet pursuits rather than getting yourself all worked up. Read, relax, watch a movie, take a warm bath. During the last hour before bed, enjoy a cup of chamomile tea. Practice some deep breathing exercises, meditate, stretch, do yoga. All of these things will help you wind down and get ready for bed.

As bedtime approaches, dim the lights in your house. Let your system know that you are getting ready to sleep. Play some quiet music to settle your nerves and get yourself ready for rest.

For many people, absolute dark and quiet is best for sleep; however, if you live in an area where you may be disturbed by outside noises, it may be a good idea to set up some “white noise” to buffer those sounds. A fan, quiet music, a relaxation tape played quietly or a gentle sound maker that produces water, cricket or rainstorm sounds can help.

While it is certainly possible to take herbal supplements and other forms of natural sleeping aids that will be helpful along with these ideas, understand that getting natural sleep is a process. By taking good care of yourself and making smart choices all day, every day, you can be sure of getting deep, natural sleep.