The Truth behind Six Common Acne Misconceptions

The Truth behind Six Common Acne MisconceptionsAcne never comes alone, the stress it comes with is worse than the problem. Sometimes, it spoils your morale to appear confident in a job interview, or a random party, or a date, and on the other hand, its chronic form can be quite stubborn to deal with.

Truth behind Acne Myths:

If you are already worried about acne destroying the beauty of your face, the chances of becoming a victim to common misconceptions will increase.

Most of the things that we have been hearing about acne from our teenage time were probably myths. Don’t stress out and keep on reading to know what these common acne myths are and what’s the truth behind them?

Similar myths surround the topic of moles as well, here’s how to remove moles.

1:  Acne Will Settle Down With Age: Many people think that acne comes during puberty and it goes away on its own after some days. This is not always the case. Research suggests that many adults even in their 30s, 40s and 50s can get acne but there is a little difference between this acne and the teenage acne.

2: Oily Foods Cause Acne: It’s commonly thought that greasy and junk foods like burgers, French fries or chocolates can cause acne, but experts have found no evidence behind this. Acne results from hormonal changes in a body and intake of certain food types will not directly result in Acne.

3: Popping Pimples heals them faster: At times you might feel like popping the pimples, and it will shrink the size, but this practice opens up the clogged pores, pushes bacteria further in the skin which leads to more inflammation. It also leaves the ugly pimple scars, which doesn’t fade easily. There are some products that can help you deal with the Acne scars, you can read dermefface fx7 reviews to find out more.

4:  Dirty Skin Causes Acne: It’s commonly believed that personal unhygienic conditions and dirty skin causes acne so we need to wash our face and do cleansing and exfoliating frequently. This is not true. Acne is more due to internal problem and it has little to do with personal hygiene. Moreover, frequent cleansing and harsh exfoliating, dehydrates the skin which can make your acne uncomfortable.

5: All Make-up Products Exacerbates Acne: Not all but only a few makeup products like thick pancakes and foundations and oily eye shadows can clog the pores and exacerbate the problem. Organic, oil –free, non comedogenic or non acnegenic make products are quite safe for acne prone skins.

6: Tanned Skin Clears Up Acne: A lot of people, even in this era, try to treat their acne with tanning beds, tanning booths and developing a tan complexion with sun bathing. Tanned skin, only covers the redness of acne, but does not fight it. Sun protection is necessary to prevent having pre-mature aging and developing skin cancer.

Loss of Libido – What to do now?

Loss of Libido  What to do nowLoss of libido sounds like a dreadful situation for a big majority of men. Research suggests that men are a lot more concerned about their sexual desire as compared to women.

But there’s nothing to panic. To start with, it’s quite normal to have a gradual loss in libido as you grow old. If you were ready to have sex almost on daily basis in your teen age, and now you don’t feel like doing it even twice or thrice a week, you shouldn’t start to worry straightaway.
Here’s how to know if you need to think seriously about the loss of libido and do something about it.

If you are hardly ever touching your partner lovingly or intimately, and you are doing it occasionally, that too as a monotonous act at night, you might be running low on libido levels.

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– You don’t look forward to having sex, instead you feel tense or stressed when you think of it, and your intimate moments are becoming something that you are forcing upon yourself, if this is the situation with you, it also shows that you are losing the sexual drive.

– You are having sex just once in a blue moon, less than once a week, and even then, you don’t feel like doing it.

As you can see, you don’t really need to be a sexual animal that is always ready to get intimate, and at times, you might be mistakenly taking a normal sexual drive as something that’s well below the normal level. But there are times when your desire is alarmingly down, and you’ll be better to consult with a doctor. There can be medical, psychological, or physical causes behind that. There are testosterone booster supplements for men, but it’s better to use them after consulting with your doctor.

Loss of libido will result in erectile dysfunction after some time, especially in the older age. There are certain medications or natural male enlargement techniques that you can use to deal with this problem.

There are times, when you start to get worried a little too much about your performance during sex with your partner. And this anxiety ends up being counterproductive, and you start to lose your interest in sexual activities.

Lives are getting more and more stressful. Our jobs and career demands a lot more, studies are tough, there’s more and more pressure from the society, there are some crazy things going around in the world, and all these things result in a stressed mind, and a stressed body, and at times, your body or mind can be too tired to think about an act of intimacy.